Stamping Tips

I saw this on a blog today and thought it was a great tip to share:

Stamp Conditioning

The link will show you how to remove a residue that may be on your new (or old) stamps that is preventing you from getting GREAT ink coverage. There is an image that shows the difference before and after using the technique. Some other stamping tips:

1. Smooth paper will give better results than textured.
2. Stamp on a smooth, solid surface
3. Be sure to cut close to image before mounting stamps. Don’t want a lot of excess rubber around design.
4. Be sure stamp is clean before inking.
5. Breathe on stamp before stamping if you have had a delay in stamping — like when using more than one marker to color a stamp.
6. Don’t press hard into stamp pad or rock the stamp pad while inking.
7. Press firmly and lift straight up when stamping to avoid smearing the image.
8. Stamp on a scrap paper to test how it is inking and then try on your cardstock.
9. Use Stampin’ Up ink
10. Use Stampin’ Up cardstock (it really does make a difference!)


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