Glitter, less mess!

crazyglitter Since a project at Christmastime, I’ve been a little scared to use glitter again.  I was cleaning up green cosmo glitter constantly and I couldn’t believe what a mess I had!!  So before making a sample for my next stamp camp that I wanted to use Dazzling Diamonds glitter on, I decided to seek help.

I found these tips great:

  • Use the Embossing Buddy on your project prior to breaking open the glitter.  It removes the static, finger oils and any other residue that might make your glitter linger where it isn’t needed.
  • Open and use your glitter in a container like gladware.
  • Use coffee filters to help keep your glitter contained in the gladware and it makes it easy to funnel back into your glitter container.

I did all three of these things and I didn’t waste glitter and it didn’t go anywhere except where I applied my 2-way glue pen on my card!  I was so happy for my successful adventure with glitter that I have no fear breaking it out at my next Stamp Camp!

Adhesive good for glitter:

  • 2-way glue pen
  • Sticky Strip (if you want strips of glitter)
  • Mono Multi Adhesive
  • Heat & Stick Powder

6 thoughts on “Glitter, less mess!

  1. Thanks for the glitter advice! Another thing I try to do us use a tiny spoon to scoop from the container-then I can sprinkle a tiny bit.
    Now, inquiring minds would love to see the rest of this card-it looks good enough to eat! YUM!!

  2. Hi Krissie! I love working with glitter! I always have it on my face and everywhere for days after I am using it. Your cupcakes look so cute!


  3. Your cupcakes look scrumptious. I’m a little scared of glitter too, although I recently took the plunge and bought some. I will definitely try your tips out. TFS!

  4. Great glitter advice – I also use a little spoon and sprinkle onto the area to help keep it from going everywhere. Also, your cupcakes turned out lovely! Great angle on the picture, too!

  5. Your card is so cute! And great tips! I love glitter, too but usually keep it pretty minimal because of the mess… I’ll have to try that coffee filter idea!

  6. Great glitter tips! Mine usually goes everywhere but I tell myself that at least it is better than cat hair (which is also everywhere at my house)!

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