My Fall Fun Booth

I had a great time holding my demonstrator booth at our demonstrator only event last Saturday.  You’ve seen most of these projects on my blog in the last month and the few that haven’t yet been shown will be coming up soon!  I got a lot of great feedback on all the hard work I did on these gift ideas and Christmas prep ideas.  One demonstrator even asked me how I had the time to do all of these.  If I worked (yes, full time with a long commute), and if I had kids (no, but I know plenty of demonstrators that do and still have time to create!).  You just have to make time for things you love or you’ll go crazy with the day to day stuff.  🙂Stay tuned for more this week!  And if you’d like to become a demonstrator and attend one of these events, you can come as my guest once before signing up, just let me know, the next event is in the Spring.  After you attend as a guest once you will need to be a demonstrator the next time you can attend.


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