Convention Highlights – Projects

Here are some of the on-stage projects from general sessions and classes… some REALLY cute ideas!

This is a hybrid scrapbook page using my digital studio and embellishments to make the page pop!

Another hybrid project banner that has 3D elements

A closeup of one of the banner sheets

A hand-sew project using the flirtatious fabric… just draw a template, make small cuts in the fabric and rip your strips, then hand-stitch them on!

A pin board!Ā  There is cork board behind the fabric

A cute element that is pinned on, see the orange flower at the top right?

Here’s the bottom-right corner that was dark in the first photo of the pin board

a six-sided box made from the milk-carton die

close up of the embellishment

2 more hex milk carton boxes

love the black box, the Timeless Portrait DSP and Fabric are soooo yummy!

super cute woven basket made from the Fancy Favor Box die

its brother and sister šŸ˜‰

Dinner chart that uses the chalkboard sheets, I’ve been wanting to make one of these for quite some time!

Blurry, but the outside of the tag booklet

the opened booklet

Lots of tags to fill it with!

Super cute box for 3×3 cards with the Beau Chateau suite

Awesome brag book 6×6 scrapbook with the Beau Chateau suite


2 thoughts on “Convention Highlights – Projects

  1. Ok, I am feeling kind of silly right now. I WAS @ convention and I don’t remember these adorable projects being shown???? How on earth did I miss them. I went to every general session, at least I think I did :> (beginning to wonder here). Anyways, thanks for sharing them because I obviously was missing some of the action!

    • Some of these are from the classes, such as the Garden Showcase, and the workshop demo šŸ™‚ I think they may have shown different things in each session.

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