New Simply Scored!

Simply Scored - $29.95 USD - #122334

Demonstrators (and stampers everywhere) have been begging for a scoring solution… and Stampin’ Up took their time to make theirs perfect!  I’m dumping my scorpal for this fantastic board of scoring beauty.

It has:

  • Score lines on every 1/8″, no more moving your paper to line up, and in my case mess up, the measurements.
  • Markers– so that if you are doing a lot of scoring (hello wedding invitations that I do a few times a year), you don’t have to rely on memory or post-it flags.
  • A handy storage compartment at the top that holds your bone folder, extra markers, lipstick, chocolates– you know, the essentials!
  • A double sided stylus for precision and a smooth glide… no more cutting that DSP when you press too hard with a bone folder!

Below I’ll display some of the wonderful things you can do with a scoring solution if you’re left saying… “why do I need this??”

All of my fun folds cards and many 3-D projects couldn’t be done without a scoring solution

But if you do more of the simple half fold cards (like 90% of my cards are) its great for making that score down the middle, and here are some more fancy things you can do:

Fun lattice or even plaid texture for your backgrounds:

A nice finishing touch like a border:

From Mindy at Bada-Bing! Papercrafting, check out her blog!

Rosettes, Lollies, pretty fan flowers (pick your own name!)

Card by Nance at Canopy Crafts!

Have I convinced you yet? Please email me at or search for me when you shop at, I’m Krissie in WA. The only one 🙂


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